Self Motivation


Motivate Yourself

What type of reward to you give yourself? Eric James collects gold coins, as a way to motivate and symbolize each time he closes out a new deal. Doing this Eric says he has created a natural system of rewarding himself for hard work while at the same time creating a smart investment.

When asked the motive – Eric says that he was watching the movie, The Goonies as a kid, and immediately fell in love with the idea of having a treasure chest full of golden coins! This idea and dream stuck with Eric, and when he arrived at a position to actually purchase a gold coin, he made a commitment to use the reward as a benchmark for future work. Each time an important project or an important milestone is reached in Erics life, he visits the coin shop that he started visiting as a kid, and picks up one gold coin.

Although Eric won’t say exactly how many gold coins he currently has, he will say that purchasing the gold coins has been a great way to reward himself in a “smart” effort. First, the gold coins provide the immediate excitement that anyone would want out of an award. Just like ice cream or a new outfit, the gold coin excites Eric and really helps him tie his hard work to the reward of the coin. Secondly, and the better part, a gold coin actually appreciates.

When we buy clothes or candy or pretty much any other typical reward, that money is lost forever. Not with a gold coin. Gold coins actually see their value increase. And because of that when purchasing a coin, it’s almost not like spending money at all. It’s more just shifting funds into another investment vehicle. So while many people are “spending” money on their rewards, Eric has found a way to motivate himself with a reward that actually makes him money. Pretty cool and an excellent way in motivating yourself.
If you’re interested in finding a similar way to motivate yourself – one that is good for your long run, start by keying in on what motivates you. If it’s being outdoors, attach a new hiking trail to a reward – this is healthy for the mind and body. If you are motivated by food, reward yourself with a tasty new recipe that is healthy and a great treat. Something like organic homemade fruit roll up would do the trick. And then if you are motivated by good ole money, well steal one from Erics book and start purchasing gold and silver coins! After a few years you can compare treasure chest size and see who has accomplished more…goals that is!

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Exercise is popular in Sarasota


Physical Fitness for Gulf Coast Seniors

This town is filled with all sorts of unique characters. But, did you know Sarasota County is home to the most senior citizens in the country? Over 1/3 of the approximate 300,000 people in Sarasota County are over the age of 65. That is a remarkable amount for such a small geographical location. Attractions that cater to the senior community are a big selling point for baby boomers relocating to sarasota to live out their “golden” years.

Blue Lotus Fitness Personal Training specialist

Health is a big deal in Sarasota, and there is a huge demand for health related services. Community services that bring together seniors are very popular, including independent living facilities and group centers, like the Senior friendship center. People start to become more aware of taking care of themselves as they age, they begin to see their Doctor more often and healthcare costs mounting are creating a different perception of health and wellness. Bottom line: people want to feel good and keep feeling good. They want to enjoy their lives and take part in activities they enjoy and the town is very physically active.

Popular activities in Sarasota include golf,tennis,personal exercise training, walking the Ringling bridge and  recreational card games. Golf and tennis are especially popular because Sarasota is an affluent community and it lends itself to being a social sport. Physical fitness is so important for Sarasota’s aging population, because it provides so many benefits.

Tiny decrements in muscular power and strength—that may not even be visible to the naked eye, could create a drastic difference in application, especially in seniors who are sedentary. Lower-body strength exercises in particular also will improve your balance, which helps prevent falling and its serious consequences. Blue Lotus Fitness provides a wealth of resources for Seniors looking to maintain a solid physical foundation. Injury prevention and increased quality of life are two extremely general and practical positive effects from physical fitness, on top of the connection that brain health and physical fitness have to one another. For the senior population,  muscle strength and mobility are valuable assets to maintain and it  means that people will have an easier time doing common activities like sitting and standing or getting out of a low bed.


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The illustrious background of Sarasota


The Beauty and History of Sarasota

The city of Sarasota has been in awe and the special and creative and so many other things to its Gulf of Mexico shores. Maybe it’s the 100 shades of blue-tinged water, the crystal white sand beaches of siesta key or maybe those islands that hug the coast , making up Sarasota’s famous barrier islands that rouse the imagination and creativity. Fantasy is and will be, the stuff of Sarasota history. Sarasota’s earliest innovators arrived in the 1840s, brought fish filled water and the opportunity of farming cows and fruit. Myakka park area was a vibrant farming land.Sarasota started attracting wealthy families in the 1910’s and continues today.

Bertha Palmer, widow of Chicago developer Potter Palmer, moved to Sarasota and built many gardens on a waterfront estate, Osprey Point, which is today’s Historic Spanish Point. Palmer also purchased a 30,000-acre ranch in eastern Sarasota which is now Myakka River State Park.Sarasota became a haven for modern architecture in 1941 and continued until 1966, after a group of architects came together.The result was a remarkable body of work known as the Sarasota School of Architecture and their work is still enjoyed here today.

Sarasota Design  and architecture

The warm mineral springs is also an extremely unique attraction on the outskirts of Sarasota. The Warm Mineral Springs is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, as one an important underwater archaeological site in America. Artifacts of prehistoric hunters have been found in the warm mysterious depths of the spring. Archeologists have estimated that this site may reveal items that could go back over 29,000 years, to a time when Warm Mineral Springs was a dry cave.
Labeled as a water filled “sinkhole” and is the only warm water mineral spring in the State of Florida. Visitors come from all over the planet to take advantage of the benefits of the mineral rich waters. The mineral spring is believed to have extraordinary healing powers and some believe it was the fountain of youth sought by Ponce de Leon.

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